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Entering caches

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Can I put in my coordinates by OSGB instead of degrees mins when I place a new cache

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Have a look at my resource site which explains all about coordinates - including the OSGB used in the UK. Although OSGB are used by the Ordnance Survey, cache pages are displayed using HDDD° MM.MMM format. You can switch your GPS to any format you like. Be careful though. In the UK, if you use OSGB you must set the map datum to British Grid. When you use HDDD° MM.MMM the map datum is WGS84. On older GPS's you can get these crossed and they give you an error in your location of about 300 feet (100 meters).


If you do use OSGB to take the cache page coordinates you then need to convert them so you can enter them in the cache page so it would be easier to just use HDDD° MM.MMM. That way you can be sure the GPS is correct and you won't introduce any errors when doing any conversions.


I guess you want to place a cache soon? If so then please take a look at the UK Geocaching Wiki where you'll find a huge amount of info about placing caches and the guidelines you may need to follow.




Volunteer UK Reviewer - geocaching.com

UK Geocaching Wiki - https://wiki.Groundspeak.com/display/GEO/United+Kingdom

Geocaching.com Knowledge Books http://support.Groundspeak.com//index.php

UK Geocaching Information & Resources http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk

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