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Some problem on Oregon

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I have just published a cardridge and one user has reported me a problem.

It was narrowed down to:

Player enters the zone (active, hidden), 'onEnter' event fires up, there are 2 NPCs in the zone, active, but payer cannot see it.

I was able to see NPCs on my cellphone player - but they are not visible on Oregon. Is there any known issue with it?

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It's possible the Garmin player does not show child objects when its parent is hidden. It's also just as likely that OnEnter did not fire just yet because the user didn't get to zero feet. That's the thing I don't like about the Garmin player: for OnEnter to fire with zones of the size I normally see, the person has to get precisely to zero feet on the GPSr. That's a little challenging to do. For the heck of it, try switching to OnProximity and setting proximity to a value around twenty-two feet (roughly, GPSr error x 1.5). If this does not work, it's due to the zone being hidden.


As for the Oregon itself, its player is regarded as the least stable and most problematic.


As for the user, I'd recommend making a quick test cartridge and giving it to the user. Make it convenient to wherever the user is. In it, have one active hidden zone with an NPC that works just like in your cartridge (the experiment's control). Have another active hidden zone using OnProximity. Finally, have an active visible zone using OnEnter. Let the user tell you what he or she experiences. One of those will work.


I don't have an Oregon, so can't test this. If you find out anything from this test, please add a comment here so we know which it was.

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You mean display not active...an item is always active BUT : Always set display of the item to true, NOT just when the player enters the zone like "set item.display=true". An equal situation I have had too. After a short intro of some messageboxes I switched the very first task to display=true (it already was active=true) but it wasn't visible after the intro. Then I set the start/default setting to active=true and display=true. So it works, the task was visible. It seemed that the statement "set" wasn't executed. Perhaps this is a reason. You also can post the part of the source (only the part with zone enter and the 2 items in the zone).


Note : I have an oregon, never had problems with invisible items in a zone. And I ALWAYS set display to true on an item ... by default.

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Zone is active, hidden. 'OnEnter' to zone fires. NPC is in zone, display is on (initially) - so when player enters this hidden zone, should see NPC.

It works on emulator, it wors on cellphone - fails on Oregon.


Well, I programatically added setting npc.display=true, will check if it works

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