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Pi Day Coins! ! ! March 14th 3.14


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So I did a Pi event for March 14th, (3.14)

The front consists of a Greek and Math design based on the antique origins of the Pi Math number.


The back is a Pie


Washington's version is a purple and gold, Plum pie:




There are

Minnesota = mulberry pie

Georgia = peach pie

South Carolina = blue berry pie

Texas = strawberry pie

Michigan = cherry pie

Utah = pear pie

Indiana's = lemon meringue

Missouri's = key lime pie

New Jersey = apple pie

Florida = pecan pie

Colorado = currant pie


There will be some available on cacheaddict's website in mid-March

Cache Addict = black berry pie (radio active glow)

Cache Addict = pumpkin pie

AE = mud pie

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The Michigan sweet cherries have been picked, cleaned and poured into the homemade crust. Now we need to decide how much longer this pie needs to bake to perfection! Hopefully it will be ready in time for all to enjoy :P at the event. You won't have to worry about biting down and finding a cherry pit though. It's a joke at my house that if there is a pit in the pie I will be the one to find it!



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I'm just curious why Missouri has Key Lime and Florida has Pecan. Seems a bit odd since "Key" lime pie is a Florida original, and I would expect Pecan to be either Mississippi or Alabama.


Heheh! CF30 was quicker on the draw in choosing her pie type than I was. I'm happy the way mine turned out tho. In fact all the ones that have posted already are pretty stunning. Looking forward to having a great event. :D

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The Michigan Cherry Pies have arrived and boy is my mouth watering! Last night I was told they were stuck on a truck in Memphis, TN so of course I thought they would have devoured before the event. But some nice person got them on a plane and I think they will still be hot for the event tonight! :P



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My event went over very well and was a lot of fun. People really enjoyed the geocacher bingo game which got them mingling with everyone. Unfortunately with the raffle of the cherry pie and pulling tickets for the raffle table I forgot to give a prize for bingo. LOL But I gave out prizes for where people signed in the log book. It was numbered in advance and digits of pi of course were the winners. I held my event at the Grand Traverse Pie Company and they pretty much sold out of pies! LOL I warned the manager that I was having at least 50 people so you would think he would have been prepared. But he gave me coupons for free slices of pie at a later date for everyone so that was really awesome of him. I'm not sure how many attended but it sure looked like more than signed the log book.

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Had a nice little event here at the Beach as usual. We held the event at Scatori's Pizza in Myrtle Beach. The owner baked us a 16" apple pie using pizza dough for the crust. It was really delicious. The Columbia group (my sister event) reported that a good time was had by all and that they didn't have enough coins for everyone who wanted them. All the coins I had for my event were sold (as I anticipated).

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The SLAGA events both went very well tho the evening event was less attended then I had anticipated. I have a bunch of coins left over...



Hi. Glad your events went well. I had a lot of fun at ours. I would be interested in trading two Texas Pi Coins (Strawberry) for two of yours.



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The Emerald Coast Event went pretty well. I had people anxiously awaiting my arrive with PI and Pie (I was only 15 min early due to heavy traffic). We sat and talked right next to the Sound. Just before sunset, we played a little bit of Geocaching Trivial Pursuit before everyone left to go home.




I have a very limited number of leftovers if anyone is interested (Please email me through gc.com)

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