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Guest Bryan

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I have this idea. My wife Julie and I did our first hunt back in early Dec. We, as a family had a hard time trying to find something to do that wasn't redundant, expensive, and something we all enjoyed. Well Jeremy thank you! We have recorded 10 cache finds to date and placed 1 cache (Accelerator in Illinois) so far. Geocaching has allowed us to spend time together, cost very little (gas to the location), exercise hiking, and a catalyst to see things we would not otherwise have seen. One of the caches we went to was over 100 miles away. The guy that placed the cache said his wife thought he was out of his mind for doing so. He said by me showing up with my wife and kids caused her to do a 180. He said she can't wait to do her next cache. This brings me to my point (long winded at that) I am going to do a Toy Cache to encourage other families. Nothing but toys. However everyone is more that welcome to find it, just trade toys and get the kids out. And for all of you geocachers out there you MUST know of one child that would enjoy this. Take them with you! You may have a lot of fun and give some positive experience to a child! Just tell the kids to bring a toy they wouldn?t mind trading in. I got this idea because my kids didn?t like walking a lot (1 mile or more) but we found a stash the reported to have a beanie baby in it and couldn?t keep up with the kids on the hike to it. They blasted 1 + miles to get to it! (They are 3 and 5 years old in case anyone wanted to know.) They do great now! I must admit we do pick up a little something from time to time that makes it into the cache to keep them motivated. Ironically, we usually find something they like anyway!

So? Tomorrow the Chicago area gets the first toy stash that I know of (and another stash that has lots of goodies for us that actually pay for the gas to get to it! ? different location and completely separate from the toy stash.) I would like feedback for those who wouldn?t mind spending a minute to do so. Sorry this was so long! Bryan



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Guest aaronwolf

Or you could also put in a regular cache directions to a seperate, nearby cache made specifically for the kids. Make it easier to see than the original or something so that they would be making their very own find. If you've been following the compass posts you could also make the second cache in a specific heading from the original, or just name a nearby landmark where the second is hidden. If you really want to get adventurous

you could make multiple ways to find the second. Those Boy Scout rock piles would be kind of cool with a guide to reading thim in the original. You could even hide the second in a spot of the kids' choosing and put new directions and/or clues to it's location in the original. Some of this might not be practical but could also prove very fun for kids that might be otherwise bored with the trip. Heck if enough people would do it they could add secondary "Kids Caches" to any cahe the find. just put the directions in the original find. Cachers could quickly make this idea a sportwide occurrance with so many people making finds. Cache data would have to be updated on the website to show which caches have been "kid optimised" already. It would be nice if the modifier would inform the original cacher of the modification also. Another thought for inclusion in a kids cache, plastic baggies, they could collect leaves, rocks and such from the area so they could take a cache home too. I found this site today and it sounds like a really good idea. I think local and state parks should pay attention to this as it would be an extra attraction for them. Maybe having it that organised would be bad, but it could be worth a try.


-Aaron Wolf

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Here in NYC, I never want to put together a cache that is too expensive, the possibility of thief is too high, so all my caches are made up of inexpensive kids toys that both adults and kids would like. While expensive caches are great, inexpensive ones with fun toys are easier and can always be filled later with more expensive items. I think silly putty, rubber toys, marbles, etc, make great items. My daughter loves going searching with me.

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