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How do I update Platinum?

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I searched all day yesterday and can't find out how to update the firmware on my Magellan Platinum. I have not used it for a few years and it takes over 15 minutes to get satellites and then it will get the hour glass for another 15 minutes or more and the compass is off. So I assume my firmware needs updated?



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If what you describe is the first start-up in a looooong time, that is normal. The unit needs to do a full scan/search, unlike what is called a "warm start". A "cold start" can take upwards of an hour for a full sky search, depending on the unit.


Now... if this is what is happening repeatedly, then you may well need some firmware updates.

A check at the Magellan home site should alert you to updates, if any are available. Check your unit first, to determine what firmware version you are currently running. Should be easy to find through the main menu.

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My firmware is 3.12 and the current is 5. something and I had problems a couple of years ago elk hunting where I was out in the open and never got satellites.


I will fire it up and go longer to see if that works. I also have a Nuvi 1450 LMT that I am learning how to load cache locations on.


I have been out of the sport for quite a few years so need to learn again.

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