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Do you have an agreement to maintain someone's cache?

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Are you working with another cacher to do maintenance?


Honestly I would have no problem providing field support as long as they dealt with online questions and issues. There just doesn't seem to be a need for it in my area, rural as it is.

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Kinda. No real agreements, but around here, most of the regulars know eachother and have no problem with logbooks and such. There is also 2 caches placed by an out of town cacher(part of a Provincial series) That the CO's know they can call up any of us to maintain it. I don't think it's anything anyone else wouldn't do though...It's just common courtesy, like watering the plants for someone when they are out of town.

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Interesting question. Agreements? Well, a friend moves 1500+ miles away and you tell him you will keep an eye on his remaining hides (some I had already adopted). Another cacher is no longer with us, and the rest of the family has gone inactive. The caches are now on the watchlist. I don't plan to save all of them at any cost, but the best and a few others will keep their name in the game. Just this week another cacher out of the area for an indeterminate time was looking for a helping hand for one cache. I went and found it and "signed up" immediately. If I ever lose the support of an owner, I am free to move on.


Of course I also have no qualms about reporting abandoned unmaintained caches. Many cachers run out and find caches that are brand new and then they never look back. I will either try to help fix up or kill off the local ones that have problems. Was that your question?

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Was that your question?


There was a previously local cacher that was insistent that someone place a Uniquely Iowa cache for them. I took that on, but I'm talking about those caches we hear about that the owner is too far away and requests the a local (Usually family) to do the psychical maintenance. The owner should have included that information when they submit the cache for approval.


I'm just curious to hear from those people. Chances are they are not signed-up cachers.


Still interested in those who might be in the forums.

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I am currently looking after a few for cachers that have moved away. No problem with that. What really irks me is when tourists come over and want me to look after caches that they want to place. Usually they are over 1500km away and they expect me to perform maintenance at the drop of a hat, to them I politely (for me) so no thanks.

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There's a cacher who lives about an hour away who hid a cache near me. I've offered to look after it for him. So far, no problems.
Still interested those pre-hide agreement situations.
How about post-hide/pre-publication?


I agreed to maintain 6 caches for someone visiting NH from CT. They hid the caches, then were told they needed a local maintainer. Rather than let them be geo-litter, I agreed to maintain the caches.


4 of the 6 are still going strong.

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There were several cases of this kind, yes. I made maintenance on a regular basis for other's caches. It was never a case of any pre-agreement. Just because of some circumstances, e.g. CO lost any interest to the game and thought about his cache to be archived, and it was so great that I offered my help to keep it playable. It is also common to check each other geocaches during trips and perform maintenance if necessary.

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Well I help out with one of our reviewer's caches. Never any real problems with it, but I do stop in and do maintenance on it when I visit one of my own caches nearby.


My mother looks after 2 of my caches for me. No real problems here either. I hid them on a walking path nearby her house so she can easily check on them. I've provided her with a replacement cache in case one goes missing. That's about it.

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