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German Trigonometric Points

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since 8/11/2010 we have the 'German Trigonometric Points' category.

I would like to waymark also the HP (Höhenfestpunkte) http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C3%B6henfestpunkt

Do you think we could include them?


The leader wrote me: "Das geht nicht. Die Beschreibung der Kategorie ist eindeutig und wurde so genehmigt. Willst du Höhenfestpunkte waymarken, musst du entweder suchen, ob es bereits eine Kategorie gibt oder selber eine beantragen."


What means: "No, you can't waymark the 'Höhenfestpunkte'. The category was accepted only for the TP points. If you like to waymark them you have to create a new category for them.


Since 2010 the 'German Trigonometric Points' category has about 62 Waymarks, so it would make absolutely no sense to create another cat for the hight-points.


What do you think Tante.Hossi?




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Could some of these be waymarked in European Survey Stones category?

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First I thought they accept only historic ones, but now I see they don't have to be very old, so I think the ones I saw will fit there. Nice.

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