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Wise Words Wanted, event planners advice

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Looking for a recipe for making a successful event. The First Ever Vancouver Island Caching get-together is set for labor day weekend, on Newcastle Island in the harbor of Nanaimo, BC Canada. As it's the first ever, we no NOTHING about what we're doing.

If anyone has a how-to, that would be greatly appreciated.

We are booking a group campsite for those that wish to overnight it, thought we'd put on the breakfast, but have a potluck for the dinner.

Suggestions for successful "caching events" would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

:D Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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Have at least one planned event. Either a one-time cache hunt in teams, (timed of course) or a dinner at a set time. If you have something planned, you will get the majority of the people there at once, instead of showing up all night (which is ok too). If there's local caches in the area, you might want to have sheets printed out for those as well. Some people many be at the event who are either new to geocaching, or have never hunted those nearby caches.


Have a sign-in book. That way you'll know who came, even if they don't post anything on the website.


Many bring their families, so bring some bubbles. Most parents will already have things for their kids to do, but if you're planning to have adult beverages, make sure the parents know that beforehand.


Make sure somebody has a first aid kit and knows how to use it.


You can take a look at our local overnighter...


Birkhead Bonfire

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