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I enjoy looking at pictures cachers have left, but there's no notice when a cacher leaves pictures. I rarely go to the cache page so it may be months or more before I realize they posted a picture. I suggest a notice (could be optional) of whether someone has left a picture. I understand pictures are not uploaded instantly after a log has been posted. I'd suggest one of the following:


Wait 15 or so minutes after a log is posted before sending the log notice to allow time for the cacher to upload a picture. If they have posted at least one picture a note could be added to the log notice. Another, not as clean way, is to check the log again say an hour later and send a second notice if they have posted a picture. For me, this is less desirable because I already get a lot of clutter, but better than not knowing about the pictures.

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A very good suggestion :D . I also love seeing photos posted to my listins, and had the same thought about the need for some sort of notification. Instead of using a time delay, why not just have a notification each time a photo is added. yes that will mean 2 or more notifications for the same log when photo's do get added, but overall few logs ever have photos (okay some caches get a lot of photos but most get very few).

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If they can do what you suggest, to avoid clutter, I would suggest they send only one notice for a given log. Usually people post all of there pictures at one sitting, so if you get notice of one you will probably find their others by the time you get the message and go to the log. Of course if you have the notices sent to your smart phone you may well get there before they're finished so stifle yourself for thirty minutes. :lol:


Personally, my preference would be for them to hold the notice and check for photos before sending. I wouldn't mind if they held it for as much as an hour.

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