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Cross country 4wd trip through Moab, Vegas and SoCal


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The wife and I are planning a trip from South Carolina to California We will be gone for 30 days. Plan on leaving on June 14th or 15th, we also plan on going up to Kansas to grab Mingo. We are stopping in Moab for a couple days. I own a jeep wrangler JK and plan on doing some wheeling in Moab and in Las Vegas area and in the SoCal area. Im looking for anyone willing to trail ride with me as I will be alone. I'm on the novice side of wheeling, but I know enough to stay out of trouble. If anyone out there is willing let me know.


Also if anyone has any recommendations on where to wheel, or caches not to be passed up 4wheeling or not please share, I might have missed something!

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Have you thought about visiting the Toroweap Overlook during your trip? 60 miles from the nearest polygamists in Colorada City. 3000 feet straight above the Colorado River. The classic view of the Grand Canyoh. If you want, you could camp overnight, for the light shortly after dawn or before dusk. The One GIant Step virtual (GC7D60) is there, and there are other caches on the way in or nearby. It is a bucket list type of experience.

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Sounds like a great trip! I was in Moab many many years ago (15 years ago) .... and I wouldn't advise going alone anywhere when you go wheelin. Pick your trails wisely according to your jeeps capabilities (and your gear). Keep is light...and easy. The last thing you want is dealing with breakdown while on vacation.


I remember a trail called 'Chickens Corners' that was a dirt road in/around the area (very beautiful). Doable in any 4WD vehicle / stock friendly. Here's a website about it



Good Luck and take lots of photos!

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