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Is 'Geocaching' the best term?

Guest Chris Juricich

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Guest Chris Juricich

Oh god, mr loudmouth newbie me!


But, seriously, if people simply search for the geocaches without actually making their own caches, this would imply something of a misnomer.


I search out geocaches but if I don't placed them, am I still a geocacher?


I plan to cache at some point, but until then, I'm just a seeker of caches.


Y'know what I mean?

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Guest jeremy

Actually if you were seeking geocaches and not placing them, you would be a participant.


How can you practice celibacy if by doing so you don't do it? Just one of the mysteries of the English language.



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Guest Quinnow

Actually, I have always thought that the name "Geocaching" was wrong for this sport.

Thats why I wanted to buy the domain name "lookingforthatboxthingy.com" which is by far a much better name for the sport. icon_biggrin.gif



Quinn Stone

Rochester, NY.14616


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Guest ClayJar

From some of my approach vectors, perhaps "DrukenBee.com" might be a fun geocaching domain. (Great to see you found the cache, too. On some caches, half the fun is trying to remember how many times I walked right by the spot while looking for it.)

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Guest Hawk-eye

Actually happened a couple of weeks ago ... if you get the opportunity ... when you come across a group of fellow cachers near a cache .... sit back and watch ... it's actually quite entertaining. Similar to winos looking for that bottle they dropped in the brush the night before. At the point that one of them finds it ... all other memebers of his party converge on his location like sharks on a bleeding fish. It's about that point where you realize ... that's what I look like.


I think I'll start wearing camo and crawling to the site ... after checking for observers. icon_biggrin.gif

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Guest ClayJar

So, what's it like to actually see other geocachers? I've heard tales of actual encounters, but I'm not sure I'll ever some across any. Maybe I'll just set up a tent within sighting distance of my next new cache; eventually someone would have to show up.

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Guest Chris Juricich

I'm looking forward to creating a few caches in my immediate neighborhood (San Francisco's East Bay)-- there are a couple of great spots that haven't even been touched yet, according to the caches I've seen listed for Berkeley or Oakland, CA.


There's one that I walked my dog at regularly which, depending on the approach 'vector', could be either one helluva long walk or one helluva short walk--uphill.


hee hee

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Guest DParesh

Originally posted by ClayJar:

What do I expect from a newbie? I expect you to take several wrong trails, walk right past (or even over) a cache several times, forget your printout of the cache report, and all in all, have an excellent time getting the hang of geocaching. (Isn't this about how we all start?) icon_smile.gif


Um, I REALLY don't appreciate you spying on me like that.





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Guest Gossamyrrh
Originally posted by ClayJar:

What do I expect from a newbie? I expect you to take several wrong trails, walk right past (or even over) a cache several times, forget your printout of the cache report,



I'm going to be a newbie forever, then.....

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Guest ClayJar

I redid a hunt this past weekend in order to introduce my friend to geocaching. She had the GPS and the compass, and I offered no direction. Anyway, I forgot the cache page at home, didn't mark the car (not a big deal, as it was only a few hundred feet from a large fenced pond), and forgot to DEET myself. I can't figure out if it was because I was with a newbie and therefore had to make all the newbie mistakes, or perhaps it was due to the particular newbie I was with (although I'm not normally this incompetent around her).

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