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Getting mixed signals for permissions to hide


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My friend and I have begun hiding geocaches around our area...Correctionville, Iowa and Sloan and Whiting, Iowa. We've gotten verbal permissions from DNR officials and land owners to hide geocaches in their respective areas, but have run into snags in some parks such as Snyder Bend, Badger Lake, and Sloan boat ramp areas. Our Iowa administrator told us that we cannot hide in these areas with out written permits issued and that we'd need to move or remove the caches each year on March 31 and resubmit for permits also.


The exact wording from him is as follows:

Temporarily Disable Listing02/25/2013

According to GIS data provided by the Iowa DNR, this location is on DNR-managed land: Badger Lake WMA. The Iowa DNR has requested that all geocaches placed on DNR-managed land first be approved by the local DNR manager. See: (visit link) Once you have been granted a permit, please edit your cache page to state that you have the required permit and then re-enable the cache listing so it reappears in my review queue. If you choose not to seek the permit, please archive this listing and remove the container. Thanks.


The link that he mentioned is as follows:



This is the same verbage he's sent us on the last 11 or so caches we've hidden. This is getting to be so monotonous that we are at our rope's end. I'm wondering, first of all why a written permit is needed when DNR officials have told us that we don't need permits and that it is ok'd to hide caches in their parks. Second of all, I'm trying to avoid these areas so that our hides are approved, but how would I know by looking at the Geocaching Map and asking for and receiving permission that we wouldn't run across this again and have to remove and archive our hides.


We both love the sport of Geocaching and are so committed to making a good name for ourselves in the Geocaching community. We practice CITO every chance we get and also help repair caches for others.


Hoping you can shed some light on this mystery for me.

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Written permission is proof, being told is nothing but talk. Put up.


BlueDeuce - Iowa Cacher.

Even if simply and email...as long as you have a trail and someone to back track to.


On another note, was it in fact on Dept. of Natural Resources property. I have (on more than one occasion) had to correct reviewers as to property ownership.

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