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Mother's Day Fun

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For Mother's Day this year I decided to have the kids think of things they have done with their mom, where they did them and why they were important to them. After doing this they wrote out their thoughts on homemade Mother's Day cards and hid them around the area (about a 25 mile area), recording the coordinates in each card so their mother could follow them to the final cache. We then gave mom the GPS and had her tell us where to go. We ended up at the greenhouse where she got a gift certificate for some plants. We had a lot of fun and I think I have hooked the kids and my wife into geocaching. A great way to spend an afternoon.

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I was visiting my step mom in Indianapolis for Mother's Day weekend this year and I think we managed to get thehooked as well. We started talking about our geo-caching adventures so far. They they pulled out their equipment. And before you know it we were all hopping in the car and off we went for a day of hunting!


And to think all we had originally given her for mother's day was a card and a book of hugs! hehehehe

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I did something similar for my family for Christmas. After the fun of opening presents, I had my extended family divide themselves into two teams of 5 and go on a 5-stage multistage.


Here's an URL with photos.




One of my sisters is definitely hooked and they all now understand my passion for getting out in the woods and looking for TupperWare.



N35°32.981 W98°34.631

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