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New cache, not yet posted?

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So, I was out taking pics of the kids under a banyan tree on our last day in Hawaii 2 days ago... notice something in a hole, pull it out, and sure enough it was a tennis ball container with a "You have found a Geocache" label.


We'd been in the area 2 weeks, caching around, and this had not popped up on our map. Again, sure enough, log was empty - I was first to find.


I've been stalking the website waiting for it to get posted, and it hasn't been yet.


I haven't hidden a cache yet, so don't know what the delay is between registering a cache, and it going live on the site. Or whether Premium members see it before others?


Any thoughts?


TIA from a newbie!

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I vote for what Viajero Perdido said. Although there may be up to 7 days before a cache gets reviewed, so you may have found it before it was published. It might also be part of a Multi or a Mystery cache. These types are not at the posted co-ordinates, so when you look at the map the cache may appear to be across the street or in the ocean.

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Uh oh... guess goofed then by signing the log as a find... Newbie mistake.


Denied by a reviewer because of inability to maintain if placed on vacation I presume?


Guess I'll keep stalking to see if it comes up so I can log online.


Thanks for the quick replies!


You didn't goof. You found it, you signed it. You just can't log it online. At least not yet.

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I have found "un-registered" geocaches, twice while caching! The first one was an interesting hide in a remote part of Zilker Park in Austin, Tx. It was hanging in a metal ring on the side of a tree? It had been found by others prior to my locating it, simply by accident while bushwhacking to another trail. I signed the log, took down the coords, and noted the name of the cache and the hider's name. After getting home I tried to research it and finally came up with the CO's name on geocaching, and they had not been active in almost 2 years. They had no active hidden caches, so I figured they placed it but never submitted it for review or maybe it was denied? Do not know? The 2nd one I found, last Fall, in a State Park in Texas, which requires a permit before placement. There was nothing in the cache just a few sheets of paper? This cache has never been published either, I'm guessing the placer did not realize they had to receive permission and pay for a permit before placing the cache and just never went back to retrieve it. I'm sure there are 1000's of caches like this World Wide! The next time I find myself in either park, I'll probably remove the geotrash.

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it happens once in a while, it is getting more and more common to find such zombie caches

I FTF two of them, one I managed to find the CO and kindly ask him to puplish it so I could log it,

he forgot it 4 years ago, all was still perfectly fine,

he did so I was happy.


The other one CO dont reply, I even got the GC number

but it keep saying unpuplished, so nothing for me to do there..

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