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With thanks to Sean [flookfinders] I have updated the listing to provide a click to find map option.

I have also changed the criteria and now welcome all types of caches so long as they fulfill the criteria in as much as they must include some sort of 'extreme activity' climb, plunge, jump, abseil, rope climb etc. [terrain grade]

I am sure that there have been caches previously rejected that can now be included so please let me know if you know of any caches you would like to be included.

I have also kept all archived caches on the list as in many cases they are worthy of being unarchived and I also know of a number of cachers who still go out and find these locations.[albeit there probably is not a cache present !]


Extreme Caches bookmark listing :



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Definitely would second those to go onto the list, plus there are a few other caches by another CO in the vicinity of those that I would put on the list too.

Can I ask which ones these are ?

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