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Geocoin longevity

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I recently bought 2 gorgeous trackable Geocoins off of Ebay. I was wondering if there was someway to help them from becoming somone's collectable..or is that impossible? I have also ordered a regular travel bug and I figure I'll have better luck with that. I have seen the list of items to ensure longevity for those but not the Geocoins. Suggestions? Thanks!





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you can try drilling a hole through the coin (don't drill into the tracking code,) and then attach a mission card through the hole with a zip tie, or purchase a tag with matching numbers from one of the vendors that sells such things, and keep your coin while the proxy travels.


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I've sent out about a dozen Geocoins. One is sitting in a cache that never managed to get re-enabled just after publish date, and one seems to be sitting in someone's backpack. The others are still traveling. It's only been a year, but still, that's a pretty good record. One has even traveled over 11,000 miles. I hope to retrieve the one from the inactive cache, too, which would make 1/12 lost. So...it's up to you, but I thought I'd offer a counter to the reputation that all coins go missing right away. And...if my coins are just sitting in MY backpack, there are fewer around for good, honest cachers to find, log, and move. I love finding a geocoin in a cache; I figure if I enjoy other folks taking a chance by putting them out, I can do the same.

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