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I am new here and have tried my iphone for a geocache and it worked fine. I want to go caching with my girlfriend so I bought a garmin 450. I like the iphone better. Since she has an iphone can we both log onto our account and use the iphone at the same time? If so, I am going to send back the garmin.



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I'm not sure if two people can be logged into the same account simultaneously. Why would you need to? If you're both caching together you only need one person with a device in their hands. If you'd both like to be using a device at the same time, one of you use the iPhone and the other use the 450. Sometimes when one is acting wonky the other one will save the day and vice-versa.


I use both the iPhone and the Oregon 550. They both have their place. For a couple of quick grabs around town the iPhone works fine. For an all-day caching outing or knocking around in the woods I prefer the Oregon.


That being said, why not both of you register your own account? There are bound to be times you'll each have the opportunity to grab a couple of caches when the other isn't around.


I'd hang onto the Oregon for awhile if I were you. It's not as intuitive as the iPhone app but it lets you customize it a thousand different ways to suit your tastes (and I'm not just talking about background colors), and has a lot more features and tools than the app. Give it a chance for awhile, I think you'll grow to like it.

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