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Use Echolink & eQSO Internet-Radio Gateways?


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Love Echolink, perhaps a "net" is in order? I don't have an IRLP node near me that I can access (yet), so Echolink is they way to go for me.




These are my opinions and only my opinions, unless you share them as well, which would make them our opinions, but I am not of the opinion that I can express your opinion as my opinion without your prior expression of said opinion, and then my re-utterance of that opinion would, in my opinion, be foolish unless I were expressing agreement to your opinion, and then it wouldn't be my opinion but your opinion to which I only agree.

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My Echolink number


I monitor my local Echolink G7WIZ-L 18647 most weekdays on my journey to, and home from work. I know mornings for you in the USA are probably out, but my evening trip is around 15:30-16:15 GMT so about your lunch time for you east coast guys I guess.

Give me a call if you can.


Adrian G1BRB


Ovine Geocacher

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EchoLink is great! I finally got my home system up on EchoLink and it is a good way to connect with hams in areas outside your normal coverage area.


Anton..... which repeater do you hang out on in the SYR area?





I Roger your vector, Victor...... Over.

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I'm usually on the 146.910 repeater on weekday mornings between 7-7:30am, and often on the ride home somewhere between 3:30-4:30pm. I travel around schools in CNY for OCM-BOCES.


Anton - N2RUD

Syracuse, NY

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I will listen for you on that repeater if I am on the road during those times. Since changing to an evening (1400-0000) shift, I miss a lot of the "drive-time" activity.


I occasionally use the 147.180 (Cortland) and the 146.895 (Ithaca) repeaters. Occasionally, on early morning trips to Rochester, I am on the air between 0600 and 0800.


Is there an EchoLink setup on the Syracuse 146.91 system?


I Roger your vector, Victor...... Over.

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