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movable cache

Guest aberson
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Guest aberson

I've had an idea for a cache that automatically reports its position via APRS every couple of hours. When a cacher finds it, he can move it to a new hiding spot. If it had a wire antenna and the cacher was just instructed to make sure it was laid down flat and straight, I think it would would pretty well if it was within range of a RELAY. Users could look up via FindU where the cache was most recently. It could even try to use PCSAT and the ISS to report its position.


I figure that with a simple timer circuit and a microprocessor that only powered up the GPS and transmitter for a few minutes each day, and decent gel cell, the thing could last for many months. Throw a few solar panels on there and it might be able to charge itself a little bit if it had any sunlight. Could also add some telemetry (again via APRS) to make sure the batteries had enough charge in them.


there is a possibility that it might not hit a digi from the new location, so whoever moves the cache would probably also have to record the new position themselves, just so it doesn't get lost for good. Or maybe have them press a button and wait for some status light to indicate that the thing heard its own position digi'd...


just something I've been considering for a while, I'm insterested to hear what other people have to say about it.

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i was thinking of a variation on that idea..

the cache is a vehicle with aprs. if you find the vehicle you email the cache keeper with perhaps the tag number or some other pertinent info on the vehicle and thats how you verify your find.


an aprs setup would be way to expensive to leave out as a cache.


robert ke4mcl


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