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To Delete/Move Geocaches from Garmin 450 etc.

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This Is How To Delete/Move Geocaches from Garmin 450 etc. (450t,550,550t?)


I have done this on the Garmin Oregon 450, but I think it should also work on the 450t, 550, and 550t. If someone can verify those models for us it would be appreciated. Thanks.



(This assumes you have geocaches already loaded on your handheld GPS.)


This will delete the geocache from the geocache screen and will move it to the “Geocache Found” section of the handheld GPS. To permanently remove all GEOCACHES and GEOCHACHES FOUND from the Garmin handheld, go to the next instructions below.


Turn on the GPS.


Select the geocache you wish to remove from the screen.

Select “GO” at the bottom of the screen.

While the Geocache map is shown on the screen, push “X” at the bottom of the screen.

On the menu, push “Geocache”.

Then push “Log Attempt”.

Then push “Found” on the menu.

This will remove the Geocache from the Geocache selection screen and move it to the “Geocache Found” screen. Turn on your handheld GPS and verify the geocache has been removed from your “Geocaches” and moved to “Found”.



This requires you to connect your handheld GPS to your personal computer (PC).


Turn “OFF” your handheld GPS and leave it turned “OFF” for all of this procedure. The GPS will have automatic access from the PC.

Use the cable that came with your GPS and plug it into a USB port on your PC while the GPS is turned “OFF”.

Wait until your PC recognizes the GPS unit – remember to leave the GPS “OFF”.

The GPS unit will automatically then become a directory on your PC, mine is called “GarminOregon(F:)”

Then go to the “GarminOregon(F:\Garmin\GPX” directory

The files on your handheld GPS that end with “GPX” in that directory, will be the files you will want to delete. An example of what the file would look like is GC99K3G.GPX (fictional file)

Delete each .GPX file you want to remove permanently from your GPS unit.

If you do not know which file is which, or which one to delete, then go to GEOCACHING.COM. Select the list of caches for your area and select the name of the file you want to delete. Then look for the box “GPX file” on the page and select it (you may have to be a member to display the “GPX file” box).. This selection will show the GPX number/name of that geocache. Write this number down since this will be the file you will want to delete. Then go back to the “GarminOregon(F:\Garmin\GPX” directory and delete the file.

DO NOT unplug your GPS from your PC until you select the “Safely Remove Hardware” at the bottom of your screen and it gives you permission to unplug the “Mass Storage Device”. Then unplug the GPS from your PC.

Turn on the handheld GPS and verify the files have been removed.


If you have any suggestions or see anything that needs improvement with any of the above, please let us know. We appreciate all help.


I hope the above helps those who have been struggling with removing Geocaches from your handheld GPS.


Best regards,


Wayne Miller


( 4 evr C king )

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