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FRS cache audio beep

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This is a bogus username so cachers in my

area will not anticipate my cache ideas.

I know that this is not exactly ham related

(wrong band),but I am thinking of getting

cheap frs and using a 16f628(pic) and

real time clock to turn the frs on at the

top of the hour(daylight only)for 5 minutes

in rcv mode and listen for squelch to break.

If someone xmits on freq(listed on cache webpage)

them the cache will turn off frs and give audible

chirp every 30 seconds for 10 minutes.I am willing

to recharge the batteries on a regular schedule.

Has anyone done anything similar ?


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(dunno if technically it will work. I'm not a Ham, so pls. forgive me)


It would have been of much help while I was digging through 2 feet of snow hunting for a cache!

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Probably good for "members-only", or e-mail the starting coordinates; you wouldn't want your hardware to be plundered. I can see other possibilities...


How about a cache that transmits a RINO or APRS waypoint every top of the hour? You could probably use a cheap digital audio memory chip to record the packet burst and a gutted FRS radio to transmit it. Or skip the packet entirely – have it broadcast your voice with the coordinates. If you live close to where the cache is, you could set up the hardware at your house or office, instruct the cacher to park nearby to receive the info.


Neat idea! Let us know what you do!




These are my opinions and only my opinions, unless you share them as well, which would make them our opinions, but I am not of the opinion that I can express your opinion as my opinion without your prior expression of said opinion, and then my re-utterance of that opinion would, in my opinion, be foolish unless I were expressing agreement to your opinion, and then it wouldn't be my opinion but your opinion to which I only agree.

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cacher drives to the published coordinates (probably near your home). keys up FRS on given freq possibly using PL or on a time schedule as you outlined.


your unit then answers with recorded voice giving lat/long to traditional cache location some miles away.


anything to get them to not be able to map the area ahead of time makes things somewhat more interesting... never mind the ones with laptops/pdas/etc.


The Bigg Family "Delta-S"

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