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Hams will love THIS geocache!

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Going to a hamfest this summer? Take along a GPS and a camera to log this cache in your hometown area! Send me an email, and I will reply with the url for the cache clue page. Tons o' fun!


Or ADD an "e" to the word that comes after www in the url below, and THEN click on it!




If the link doesn't work, then send an email request, as suggested. My email address is:




Anton, N2RUD

Syracuse, NY


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In case you didn't understand, this cache is NOT located at geocaching.com. You will have to send me an email to get the url for the cache clue page, which is located elsewhere.


The cache "approvers" at GC.com said it doesn't meet their criteria for a locationless cache, and they immediately archived it. This was obviously beyond my control, and disappointing to me personally. I know hams will love this cache, so it's sad that it has to be published outside of GC.com. Anyway, so be it.


FYI - I am not posting this information to begin a discussion. Their decision was final, so any discussion will be pointless. All I can tell you is that if you go to hamfests, you will be able to log this cache, and you'll have fun doing it.


You can decide for yourself if you like my hamfest concept or not. If you choose to share your opinion of the Hamfest Fever cache with the staff at GC.com, please do it politely. It is not my intention to protest their decision to archive Hamfest Fever. Let's just say that I think you will agree when I say they don't get the big picture, and they really don't understand hams at all. No surprise there; most people don't! I am simply passing along the information you need to play this cache. (Whew! Do you think I'm being nice enough here? Hope so.)


On the other hand, I do want the geocaching hams here on the forum to know that my Hamfest Fever locationless cache DOES exist on another site. So, if you send me an email and make a request, I will send you the url for the cache page.


Thanks for listening!


Anton - N2RUD

Syracuse, NY


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