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Everyone who knows about " GPS and Ham Radio" Please help

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Hi Lone,


Ham Radio is short for Amateur Radio, they are one in the same. To simply explain the relationship between ham radio, or any radio for that matter, and the global positioning system you only need to understand that your GPS receiver is, at it's heart, a radio receiver. It receives radio signals from the orbiting sattelites and from those signals, which are really nothing more than time signals, it calculates (triangulates) it's position on the globe. There are more thorough (and more technical) explanations, and I'm sure someone will jump in here with one, but that's the basic relationship.


Some folks have been trying to think up ways to combine ham radio use with geocaching to add a new dimension to the game. Search this forum for the topic "We Did It! Roving APRS cache" (or something to that effect) to see one cacher's great idea.


To get started in ham radio I would suggest following James' link above to the ARRL site and reading up there. You will need an FCC license to TRANSMIT on the amateur bands but the test is not difficult. Your local Radio Shack carries a book titled "Now You're Talking" which should give you all the information you need to pass the test, but don't think that the employees there will be of much assistance... I asked the guy at my local store why there were no ham radios out on the display shelf and he said "WHAT kind of radio???"


You do not need a license to LISTEN to ham radio however and you can learn a lot just by tuning into some of the amateur bands using a scanner or one of those world-band radios. To hear some local action in your area try scanning the frequencies between 144 and 148 Mhz.


Good luck if you decide to pursue a license, you won't regret it!






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