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Help on connecting GPSr to laptop

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Ham brethren,


I have a Magellan Sportrak Map and I wanting to be able to connect this to my laptop and be able to see and track my position on a map on the laptop.


Does anyone know what all is required to be able to do this? I have the map software for the Sportrak, but I'm not sure if this is the software I need to use for this.


Any help is appreciated.



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It isn't that we don't want to help. But I for one don't have a sport track, never owned a magellan, and don't know what you need.




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Of course you are going to need a map program, i use Streets and Trips myself, and your data cable, of course a USB adapter if you have no serial ports. Set your Sporttrak NEMA setting and in S&T setup your GPS, and thats about it. Works fine for me, i have a MeriPlat


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I have a Garmin eMap and connecting it to my computer is very easy. First turn on your GPS unit. Then open the MapSource program on the computer. Then connect the unit to the computer using the PC cable. Click the GPS tab in the program and hit the 'Start Tracking' button. The GPS and the Computer should be sharing information now.


That's how I do it with my Garmin set up. I have no experience with Magellan but figured I'd post up how to do it for Garmin users anyways.

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