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2m in the Santa Cruz mountains?

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A thousand years ago, back when all radios had tubes, no matter what the power output, I was a EE, but I never got around to getting my ticket.


Of late, most of my geocaching has been in the Santa Cruz mountains, near San Francisco, California. Cell coverage in the mountains tends towards non-existant.


So, I'm thinking of picking up my ticket and getting a 2m portable transceiver, to increase the odds of being able to communicate in an emergency, slightly.


I've studied the ARRL "Now Your Talking" book, and even got my wife to study. We're pretty sure we'll both pass the test in two weeks when we get the change to take it. (I'd take the general test, too, but there's no way I'm going to learn 5wpm Morse in the next two weeks.0


Anyway, the whole reason for this rambling post is to ask for opinions and advice on what transceiver to get and how much having a 2m is going to improve the odds of being able to communicate.


Thoughts, please?

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Originally posted by Raouljan:

Go this from my handy-dandy massive collection of repeater links




As I remember, the Bay Area is covered like a glove repeater-wise... you should get much better covereage than cell phone


Thanks for the pointer. Passed my written tests this morning. Will try the code test again in two weeks.


So I'll be able to check this idea out before the end of the month.

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Remember to check the FCC database...

As soon as the FCC posts you call, your good to go. No need to wait for the mail


Personally Responsible for the Recovery of .00176% of the Benchmark Database!

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