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Montana 600 Archive File

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When my Montana 600 is connected to my laptop and I open the GPX folder it has 3 folders that are always there

1/ Archive

2/ Current

3/ Nav

The Archive folder has aprox 100 individual GPX files for a total of 17.8MB

The Current has 1Gpx file with a total of 2KB

The Nav file is empty

This before loading up my Gps with caches to find today.

I have noticed the Montana 600 takes quite bit longer to boot up when compared to my wifes Oregon 550 and both have

the same maps installed.

So just for giggles I started to look around and was surprized to see so much in the Archived folder(I have not checked

the Archived file in my wife's Oregon 550 - she is at the door saying she is going caching with out me if I don't hurry LOL)

My questions are 1/ what do these individual folders do - why are they there?

2/ Can I delete the contents of these without any repercussions?

3/ Do you think cleaning out these folders will speed up my boot up time on the Montana 600?

Better go I can hear the door opening....and I want to go caching too. :D

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The \Archive\ directory stores past track recordings of where you have been - Save these files for future reference, and/or delete them at will.


The \Current\ directory contains the Current.gpx file which is the current track log of where you are now - If deleted, will be re-created at each power on.


The \Nav\ directory is where the Montana stores your desired destination when you are navigating to a specific waypoint.

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As previously stated above, Archive is just your "History".


Depending on your "Auto Archive" setting on your unit, it creates a separate gpx file for each specific period (daily, weekly, when full,etc)


Just create a new folder on your PC in "My Documents" and copy and paste those gpx files to that folder. Then you can delete them on your unit (with Windows Explorer)(or Mac equivalent)


Then sometime when you don't have anything more interesting to do, you can open each of those individual gpx files with Basecamp or ??? on your PC or Mac and check them out. You'll find that a bunch of the data is just junk, but some of it you may want to keep. Either way,deleted or kept, you haven't lost it and it can't slow down startup if it's not on your unit.

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If you want to have the Montana boot in about 15 seconds, delete everything in the Archive folder.


Works a treat.


Do you really see a large difference in powerup time based on the number of files in the Archive folder?


Yes, its like Lightning..

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