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GPS Frequencys

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Originally posted by McDehack:

I posted a question about GPS antennas, but got no replies.

So Does anyone know what are the satellite frequencys? If I can find this I can experiment with antennas..



Ignoring WAAS, which isn't yet available in the UK, the satellites transmit on two frequencies in the D-Band.


These are Link 1 on 1575.42MHz and Link 2 on 1227.6MHz.




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Originally posted by McDehack:

Thanks guys for your answer.

So if 1575.42 mhz is waas, does that eliminate this from the UK?

So that must mean I must work on 1227.6 mgz for my antena building.


Gory details of the GPS signal characteristics can be gotten from the Navy's NAVSTAR page. The short version is that 1227.6 (L2) is not intended for civilian applications (though some survey-grade receivers have been known to measure phase and Doppler shift on both L1 and L2 to augment their position data.) That also means that your 1.2G Ham transmitter likely won't bother your GPS receiver any more than any other nearby source of RF would.


WAAS is on the same frequency as the C/A signal, but both WAAS and the C/A signal are spread-spectrum, so there's no (or very little) competition.



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