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Garmin Oregon 450

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Hi folks out there in forum land. I have an Oregon 450. Is there any way in which the page sequence can be altered? When I select a cache and press go it takes me to another map page; I would like it to go direct to the compass page from the go page. Any advice gratefully received.


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I am unaware of any method to alter which application (page) is activated when selecting 'Go' from a cache description. but you may find the information you need at the Garmin Oregon wiki.

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If you haven't already done so, I recommend you download the manual for the 450 from the Garmin website. Check out Customizing the Main Menu on page 28 and read about Profiles. It's a great unit, I hope you're enjoying it.


Page 28 covers the information I also thought of when I read the question. Moving the Compass to the front page beside the Treasure Chest should have been a no brainer for Garmin. In the past I would have gone to the appropriate website and provided an actual link to the user manual. I do own a 450 and a 450t. There are still a few features where I still lack total familiarity (Profiles for example), but downloading a manual isn't one of them. It's in there. Connect the unit to your computer via USB cable. Go to the designated drive letter of the GPS unit and click through: Documemts/START_HERE.html/English/owners manual OR quick start manual. The manuals cover the 450, 450t, 550, and 550t. I would be surprised if this isn't the new normal for at least all newer Garmin units. Are other manufacturers also now going the same route?

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I do not think that you can change which page comes up after you select 'GO'. The best you can do is to add a compass to the map. Setup > Map > Data Fields > Custom > When Navigating > Dashboard > Compass. This will place a compass in the top 1/3 of the map. There are a few other options that will get you various different compasses on that map as well. I like to use, Setup > Map > Data Fields > Dashboard > Geocaching - Nearest. Fiddle and muddle through the choices and hopefully you can find something you like!


*Edited to add words that I forgot the first time.

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