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Golden Ace

Other Books of Interest

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My previous post about the book on benchmark hunting in Yellowstone generated some interest, so I thought I would share the following books as well. Does anyone know of other books of interest to benchmark hunters (especially in the U.S.)?


Johns, Brian D. 2010. Boise Benchmarking: Using Your GPS Device to Explore the Treasure Valley. CreateSpace Independent Publishing.



Rushing, Rhonda. 2006. Lasting Impressions: A Glimpse into the Legacy of Surveying, Vol. 1. Berntsen International Inc.



Atwood, Kay. 2008. Chaining Oregon: Surveying the Public Lands of the Pacific Northwest, 1851-1855. McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company.



Golden Ace

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Not a full book, but a great pamphlet with illustrations of early marks, techniques and equipment.


Nebraska's Early Geodetic Surveys


Square Nail gave me a copy shortly after I started Benchmarking in late 2008 and I immediately got hooked on chasing after the 500 plus Missouri River Commission (MORC) Triangulation Stations and Bench Marks in Montana.





Also covered, and of particular interest to me, was the very short lived 'State Survey' project under the Civil Works Administration in 1933-34. Many states have some of these that have a PID, and many more that were set but never surveyed in. Interestingly, Oregon has a large number of them with PID's; but they are impossible to filter out of GSAK.





These little imperfections add to the challenge of Benchmarking. kayakbird

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