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More privacy options for my public profile


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There is always the option of stop using the site and geocaching if you are so worried about privacy!


Just saying.


Indeed - I think if I had a crazy ex who was stalking me then to give up geocaching for a time (or at least to stop logging finds for a time) would be a pretty small price to pay to throw her off the scent.

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OK, so you block me from your profile and you log notes. So I download pocket queries of every cache within 100 miles of your house several times each week, load them into GSAK, and do a search for all logs by your account name. That will return all the "note" logs.


Next move?

I'm finding it a little creepy you knew this off the top of your head. :unsure:


Not really creepy, if we're discussing a proposed solution to a problem that's only vaguely defined it makes perfect sense to consider whether the solution will actually solve the problem. As it stands the proposed solution will give the appearance of solving the problem while actually only making it marginally harder to extract almost all of the information that's currently available.


Anyone who looks at my cache finds can get an idea of the general area where I live and the general area where I work. If they set up PQs to cover those areas they can see my activity even if they can't see my "all cache finds" link. If they can't see the fact I'm finding caches in Florida they won't know specifically where I am but it would be a pretty hardcore stalker who would fly out to the same part of Florida in the hope of finding me - it's far more likely that they would see I was logging caches, see I wasn't logging local caches, and figure I was away somewhere.


If the amount I've thought about this concerns anybody it's because I've considered the implications of logging caches in the US when it's pretty clear to anyone concerned that I'm normally based in England.

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