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Merge GPX files into 1?

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So I set my Garmin 62S unit to record a coordinate every 1 second. As a result, in one day I've accumulated several GPX files. How can I merge all the files seamlessly into 1 file? This way when I examine the merged file, I'll see one continuous source of coordinates and that I won't notice there the Garmin unit initially cut and created a subsequent GPX file.



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This works for geocache and waypoint files from a Pocket Query, maybe it will work for that which you desire:


To do it manually, open the -wpts.gpx file with your text editor of choice. Highlight and copy everything from the first <wpt tag to the bottom of the file, including the </gpx> tag.


Open the main .gpx file with your text editor of choice. Go to the bottom of the file and delete the </gpx> tag. Paste what you copied from the -wpts.gpx file. Save the file as whatever name .gpx file you want. Manually copy it to your GPS.

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If they are in the form of a track, then MapSource can merge tracks in any order, end-to-end.


If not a track, GPS Babel can convert waypoints or routes to tracks and back again. Bit cumbersome, but possible.


Sorry, I'm not sure if I understand you. What do you mean by in the form of a track? I uploaded a file to Gpsvisualizer and it showed multiple tracks in the GPX file.

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