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would this make a good container?

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I can't find anywhere that explicitly states that it's waterproof, but Master Lock says the following:

-Compact portable mini safe hold keys, cash, jewelry and other personal items

-Realtree APG camouflage pattern ideal for outdoor applications where secure, concealed storage is required

Since they mention cash and outdoor use, it implies that it's waterproof, but we don't really know for sure until someone tries it.

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rugged, water tight, good materials, code locked.

it if provide years of trouble free usage, it is NOT expensive at all.


many people use too cheap containers, it give alot of service and alot of changed containers

not cheap when you add all the costs together,

over 5 years: 10 too cheap containers + 10 cheap logbooks + 10 new ballpens = much more

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I bought what looks to be the same unit from Amazon (my review is currently the first one on the page). Note also that there are two identical 5* reviews propping up the ratings.


The unit I received is definitely NOT water tight (there is even a small drain type hole in the bottom of the cavity. I haven't put it out yet - am developing an idea - but I was a little disappointed at the quality. Will be OK if you can do frequent maintenance and/or select a place to put it that is somewhat sheltered from the elements.

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I have one of these in my cache box waiting to be deployed. (OK the non camo version) Its not waterproof, so you will need another container inside in my case I have one of the small sample tubes that drops inside. It only takes a few minutes to brute force the code as its only 3 dials 0-6 on each. So I would not want to use it as a key safe. But it will make a great cache container. It would also be possible to change the order of the code, if you wanted a different number. If you are happy with the cost, go for it.

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what if a very eager geocacher finds it, but have not solved the code correctly ?

can he brake it ?

(they will if they can)

It depends on who 'they' is. I wouldn't break it. What would be the point? So you could sign the log? And the next person to come by would do what? And if someone is this kind of person, problems with caches after being found by this person.....

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