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garmin etrex 10 review please

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Agreeing with sussamb...


The eTrex 10 is a fine unit, but keep in mind that it is the bottom line of the current Garmin inventory.


What you would be doing is severely limiting your capabilities. It will not accept mSD card for expansion, so you are locked into what available memory it has. Even if you could load some decent mapping, I do not believe it would benefit you at all due to the fact that the screen is only gray-scale, basically like a b/w TV.


Although the 10 is a different generation in the Garmin line, it is actually a step down from the eTrex H.


I think you would truly appreciate the expansion capabilities and color screen of the 20 much more. Add good mapping to that and you enter a different realm than previous geocaching experiences.

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The other option is the Dakota 10, which I have. I considered either the etrex 20 or the Dakota, and decided on the Dakota because it had a touch-screen, which I preferred. It's worth noting that it's the old-style touchscreen which requires a press, so it means you can use the device with gloves on, which is great in winter!


The Dakota is priced in between the etrex 10 and etrex 20, and I would argue that it's well worth spending the extra £20 or so.


And talkytoaster maps are great.

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We had an etrex 10 when we started and it was fab as a first GPS but you can't upload maps to it so it doesn't tell you, for example, what side of a river or railway line a cache is we had a few frustrating trips,so for Christmas we upgraded to an Exrex 20 and use it with the talkie toaster maps with great success.

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