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Gateway repeater linking for Pmr 446 radio (FRS)

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Since April a gateway for specifically for PMR 446 radios (FRS in the US) has been set up in the UK using "voice over ip". The system seems to be growing and may well prove to be a "extra tool in the bag" for us guys geocaching in the UK. The system can also be accessed direct from a PC anywhere in the world. Do you guys in the US use anything similar for low power systems ?

website of 446user

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We use IRLP, (Internet Relay Linking Protocol) for some 2 meter and 440 ham repeaters. It would not be legal here for the Family Radio Service.


GMRS used repeaters, but i have not heard of any using internet linking.


Basically, if you want to use radio to internet to radio linking in the US you need a ham license.


I'm sure any linking or repeater system for FRS would find a lot of interest, but the existing simplex channels are pretty packed in cities and around significant groups of people.




My two cents worth, refunds available on request. (US funds only)

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