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I am helping a friend out who needs to sell his personal collection of Geocoin's and Trackable's. NO TRADES PLEASE. What we will be doing is if you are interested in a some coins please send me an email with how much you are willing to pay with the name of the coin. We will then work with you on getting a FAIR price. IF more than one person wants a coin we will allow people to bid on it until every is done but the high bid.


We are hoping this will go okay this is not something we have ever done before. Hopefully this is in the right spot also. I will try and update the list twice a week as things go away. Based on the many responses I think to make sure we are fair and I don't go crazy (or crazier) We will take the bids up until 2/10/13 at midnight Pacific time.


The only exception will be if we are having an active bidding war so to speak over one then we will give each person 48 hours to respond to the new price. We of course will try hard to be reasonable. If we have listed something incorrectly please let me know. This is all new to me. I have read the rules three times to make sure I follow guidelines. SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I HAVE SOMETHING THAT IS NOT A TRACKABLE ETC. I believe I have corrected the list all the way.


Coin Name


Difinitive GeoCoin Series (3 coin set)

Generic Geocoin (2)

Generic Geocoin micro

White Jeep

Oklahoma Geocaching 2006

Yellowstone National Park w/ pin 2006

Delaware Geocoin 2005

Geocoin Clup February 2005

Florida Everglades Stamp

Caching Between The Poles 2006 (2)

Mount Everest 2005

Never Stop Geocaching 2006

Indiana Micro

Hawaii Volcanoes Nat'l Park 2006

London 2006 (2)

AGA Lighthouse Series LE Cape Henry

North Carolina Geocachers 2006


China Geocoin Maker 2006

Frozen Bone Cache Zone Run 2006

California Poppy Micro

Zion National Park 2007

Texas Challenge 2006


Illinois Land of Lincoln Penny 2006


Maritime Geocaching 2006

Keepers of Ontario's Caches Beaver



Wyoming Geocaching

Exploring Alaska 2005 (2)

Acadia National Park 2006

Prague Astronomical Clock 2006


Official Log Book

Smoky Mountains Nat'l Park 2006

CITO 2006


Tennessee Micro 2006

Rhode Island 2006

Skagit County Square Bear 2006

Scotland 2006

Minnesota Geocaching Association 2006

Geocoin Club March 2006


Tulsa Area Geocachers

New York Geocachers 2005

Alabama 2005


Texas Geocaching Association 2006


2009 Oregon SE copper


San Francisco 2005

Wildlife Muggles 2006

Vermont Area Geocachers 2006


Joshua Tree National Park 2006

Geocoin Town 2006

Mississippi 2006

Geocacher University

Isle of Man


Smoky Mountains National Park Stamp BN

Smoky Mountains National Park Stamp AG


English Geocoin Group

Geo Puzzle 4 coin set

Texas Bluebonnet 2006


Nebraska Benchmark copper

World of Geocaching 2006 silver / gold


Team Skirtlifter 2006

Kansas Geocaching 2006

Estacada Coin Challenge 2011 (2)


Louisiana Geocaching 2006

San Diego County Geocachers 2005

Florida Everglades Park 2007 w/ pin

Yosemite National Park 2006

Silvermarc personal


Cache Chooser Spinner

Groundhog Day 2006

Arizona Geocaachers 2006 (Yellow Jeep Fever)

Grand Canyon National Park 2006

Ellis Island 2006

Ellis Island 2006

Wisconsin Geocaching 2006


Geocoin Club April 2006

Long Island Geocaching 2006 First Edition

Temecula Valley Geocaching 2006


British Colombia 2006

Roseburg Coin Challenge 2012


Kootenay Cachers 2006

Discover Utah 2005

England 2006

Czech Your Cache 2006

Kinzua Area Cachers 2006

Greenwich Royal Observatory 2006

Pink Pachyderm Skagit County

Arkansas Geocachers 2006


DNF frowny face pin

Amygems Pink Jammies

St Davids Day Wales 2006

USA Geocoin 2006

Geo Nut


Team Skirtlifter 2006 Lightpost

Bikedog Tribite Coin 2006


Nebrascache 2006

Territory of Nevada US of A


Original Stash geopin and coin

Geocaching Police 2006


Georgia 2006

GEO 10 Year Celebration Black

GEO 10 Year Celebration Blue


Geowoodstock VIII 2010 (2)


Tiki Luau 2010 (2)

Lincoln City 2010

Saskatchewan 2008


Discover Roseburg (2)

Mt Hood Territory 2 1/2” x 1 1/2”

Mt Hood Territory 2 1/2” x 2”


Birthplace of Geocaching 2003 (5)

Birthplace of Geocaching 2004 (3)

California 2004

Project APE Geocoin Original coin White and is silver one current bid $100


Updated 1/31/13 at10:10am to get rid of all non trackables If I missed one please let me know.

Edited by mckeefamily8

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Texas 2005 and Go mad Cow set are non trackable. So is the Original stash pin.

Edited by AtlantaGal

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I will be answering all emails I can today. I will be out of town this weekend for what else but a geocaching trip. I do not personally have the coins in my possession at the moment. I will take all questions and get them answered as fast as I can for everyone. I am going to put a price on a couple of coins that have had a lot of interest and where we are at on interest. Thanks everyone this is for a very sick but dear friend.

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Is the Silvermarc personal trackable?


I have not been able to get to this persons house from what I understand it is not. So I will remove from the list to follow the guidelines.

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Is this coin sale still active until 2/10/2013?



Yes this is still an active sale. I have gotten a lot more response than expected and still sorting all the bids etc. (I have over 100 emails in the last two days). I hope to have an updated list with current bids tonight sometime. I hope to email all people also by tomorrow morning.




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I know this is old, but is the Yellowstone coin still around and available?

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