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Any teen geocachers?

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definitely felt weird when I added this one teenager as one of my "phone a friends". I think teenagers who do this separately from their own family are few and far between. My teenage daughter has no time for it.

I know who you mean. ;)


In the Puget Sound (Seattle) area, we have at least two active teenage cachers, who are the lone cachers in their families. Both are quite active as cachers and members of WSGA. One is 15, the other is 18. The 15yo just did a presentation with me to middle-schoolers about caching. He was quite good, and the kids were pretty interested.

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While I just passed my "teen" years and hit twenty, I hope you don't mind me posting. :D Like you, I logged my second cache two days ago, before that I muggled my first. I have to admit that it was very exciting and addicting. I really enjoy caches that require a bit of hiking to get to, somehow the challenge adds to the reward for me.

I told my friends about it and some of them think I'm completely weird, a few think its neat. One actually wants to go with me!

Answering the question, no I don't think its nerdy. Navigation is a good skill to have and if you have fun caching then don't let the fear of what others think stop you. ;)

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Not to worry...

Each individual has their own likes/dislikes, this is regardless of age -- and, it changes over time for each, also! It is applicable to any age grouping.


As you spend more time within "geocaching circles" you will meet more geocachers and make (many) more friends, younger and older.


Bending to peer pressure, usually is not a good thing (you've heard that before, I bet).



One of the things you would really enjoy is attending an Event Cache. To find one near you, go to your Profile Page and on the right side click the link that says:

• List newest in (your area) .

The list will show Event Caches first in descending dates, click each to find the closest and make a point to go to it.

You won't regret it.

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Well I'm in my 20's. Kinda weird that I look at my phone and most of the numbers/emails are from cachers older than me. I do work with a lot of 16-30 year olds. I found that the teens-16-18 are usually the ones more interested in geocaching while anyone older than 18 is more likely to (correctly) think I'm a bit weird or insane. My cousins love geocaching and the oldest is 15.

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I am 15, found a couple of geocaches at age 12, but really got interested again this summer. My parents had never heard this game either before a came home from a vacation one year and found some with a couple of friends.


For me it's a great way to deal with stress. I don't really have anyone to hang out with and my spare time consists of homework, television, and exercise when I'm not doing something Geocaching related. I'm kind of a nerd who loves sports, therefore this game is perfect me.


Puzzle caches are what really interest me. Solving a problem or deciphering text gets me excited, and then I'm also excited when I get to sign the log.


However, I would never tell any of my friends that I am a geocacher. Just a personal secret of mine :anibad:

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I am 16 and have been a member of geocaching since 2008. I geocache mostly with my younger sister(14), but increasingly on my own. I think it is a great way to have clean fun and find out about new places. I am nearing 300 finds and am not thinking of stopping anytime soon. I own several caches and recently hosted an event...


I dont think its weird at all... I havent yet made anyone a geocacher, but many people think it is interesting...


I dont know if there are many young people(i havent seen that many myself) but if there aren't, they're missing out..


Just thought I'd point out that i am homeschooled and i live in australia, if that makes any difference. People can't see how old i am online... The internet is funny like that :)

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In Sydney we have multiple families who cache (with kids operating the account) or kids by themselves.


I personally am 14 and often use public transport and my bike to find caches (It helps being 1km from a station).

I'll tend to choose high favourite, close to train station (sub)urban hides. Maybe if you prefer bushbashing you'll see less kids (unless they're driven around by their parents.


However I try to make as many events as I can even if that involves driving and if I'm holidaying somewhere I'll be sure to pick up a few caches.


So yeah there are a few of us around, your best bet is to turn up to an event or meet some people in the 'wild'

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I'm turning 16 too this summer and have been geocaching for only about a year. Along with climbing it's my biggest passion and I would never let anyone (especially not my friends) take that away from me. I'm not ashamed to tell people I'm a geocacher either. Some of my friends won't understand the point of it though, I've heard a lot of comments like "Don't you even win anything?" and "What a waste of time". Anyways, I started geocaching with one of my closest friends and we've experienced so much during this year. I can't wait 'till the snow goes away (a downside of living in Sweden) so that we can finally go geocaching for real again. While some of my friends drink and get themselves into trouble I just hang around in the woods;) Nah, but seriously. It's your life, do what you want to do with it:)

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I'm 18, started caching when I was 16. I cache 95% of the time with my brother (20), mostly on weekends or holidays. I have found 650 caches, closing in on 2 years. My friends think its a waste of time, as they don't see what the point of it is. I like Geocaching because I also like photography and hiking. I haven't made someone a Geocacher yet, but would like to. Often the people I hike with are the same age as my dad, so it's kinda weird :)

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I'm 15 and I geocache. I've managed to drag my family into it but I deal with all the technology and cache logging. My friends seem interested in it and I actually took one of my friends to a Geocache in the nearby town when we were out for the day. I know there's a girl in the year above me at my school who has just started. I also enlightened my French teacher about Geocaching when I put it in my essay about what I did in my summer holidays.

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Im 15 and started geocaching this april. Me and my neighbors started by accidentally finding a cache in the woods near our house and have fallen in love with it, we cache probably 1 weekend a month and when whenever I'm somewhere I always check if theres a cache nearby. We exclusively cache by bike and have knocked out 7/8 of the caches within a 3-5 mile radius of our house so were having to go further and further, LOL. I also really love DIYing my own caches and love seeing all of the emails from people telling me how much they loved the caches and I take pride in hiding only high quality containers. 3 of my six hides are ammo cans and the other three are DIY camo caches like a birdhouse cache in the woods, a Halloween themed cache at a local haunted historical building, and a camped micro. I love to increase the number of quality caches in my area because thats what we like to find and notice that most caches aren't very nice. Nice to know a couple other teenagers ache but I'm not alone in my situation as me, my sister, my neighbor, his sister, and one of his friends always go caching together! What makes caching fun for me is the experiences and fun with my sister and friends, we've made a lifetime of memories this summer and can't wait for more to come! :rolleyes:

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I'm 18 and started Geocaching when I was 15. To date, I have five active caches of my own, with six more on the way, and have successfully hosted one event. I love Geocaching because as a child I wanted to find treasure and hidden passages, and I also loved going outdoors. Geocaching combines these two pastimes, as well as my spark of creativity to create an amazing experience that even my family has begun to take part in.

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I'm 16 years old and I found my first cache at the age of 11 thanks to my neighbours.. They've really inspired me, I've been busy with it ever since. :lol: I got a Garmin Dakota 20 gps for my 12th birthday. I almost reached the 400 founds at the age of 15, but 2016 was a really busy year for me so I haven't been really active at all, unfortunately.. In those six years, I've hidden 6 geocaches by myself. Sometimes, I go caching alone but there are almost always friends and family who want to join me. :) I do all the logging and planning by myself. I've been in contact with quite a lot of teenage geocachers from my country (The Netherlands) over the years but all the contact has faded now.


I wonder if anyone is interested in making a whatsapp group chat with teenage Geocachers from all over the world? So we can share our caching adventures with each other! :D I think it would be awesome! Contact me if you're interested.

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I'm not a teen myself (though I was one not all that long ago), but I know two local cachers personally are teenagers. Not sure how old they are as I thought it would be rude to ask, but one looks to be about 14 and the other appears to be about 17. They're really nice down to earth kids, so maybe there is hope for this generation after all... To answer your question though if I can speak for myself (I'm close enough to my teenage years that I feel I can answer) some of my friends think it's a little weird but my family is generally accepting of it. They get a little sick of me talking about it but they don't think I'm weird or anything. They're just glad I'm going outside lol.

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