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What do you use, Pt-III

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What accessories have you recently bought for your ham activities to enhance hamming while Geocaching?

That would have to be the Yaesu 8800R. The crossband repeat compliments my VX5 HT.


Non amateur equipment would be the new 5.3 mega pixel digi cam. :unsure:


73 Jon KC9AXZ

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Very nice!<BR><IMG SRC="http://www.universal-radio.com/catalog/fm_txvrs/4116.jpg">  <BR><BR>I have been looking at the Yaesu FT-8900 for my cross band repeater.  <BR><IMG SRC="http://www.dolstra.nl/nieuw/ft_8900/ft8900.jpg">

I just received a new FT-8900R (from R&L in Ohio), and plan to remote mount it in the Jeep sometime soon. Still waiting for the remote head cable kit (YSK-8900), and have yet to program it. I got the ADMS-2H and the cable is apparently faulty.... got the infamous "Clone Error" message when attempting to program it with either the ADMS or FT8900B software. After trying the setup with three different computers, I determined the cable had to be at fault (I hope it's not the radio!); therehave been numerous bad cables out there, according to the company that makes the ADMS kits. I called R&L, and they advised me to send the kit back, and they would ship me another one. If that does not work, then RT Systems will be hearing from me.


So far, I am running the radio in the house and I like it, although I miss being able to monitor the 46-mHz stuff on it (our county's Fire/EMS paging is there). As an alternative, I can monitor the same paging on the 460-mHz band; this is an uplink to the 46.12 Xmtr.


Once the 8900R goes into the Jeep, the TM-741A will be the radio for the house.

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Update :tired: :


The cable was the culprit, and the replacement from R&L works perfectly. I just received the rest of the stuff to remote-mount the control head, and swapped out the old Kenwood for the 8900R last weekend. On a 560-mile road trip the next day, I saw how this radio really struts its stuff. I love having the ability to bounce between bands and memories with the push of a button.

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