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CERT - Community Emergency Response Team


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I am interested in starting a CERT in my area and have some concernes about communications. I can dream about every team member having a VHF with APRS but the license, equipment expense, training... it's just not realistic for a group operating in a limited area with limited resources. However, many in the community have FRS radios and it be easyer to add a few rinos in the mix for keeping track of who is where. I'd still like at least one member of the team to be licensed because the hams are in tight with the weather bureau around here. And I'd like for one or more team members to have trunking VHF receivers to keep tabs on the first responders, power crews, etc.

Does this all sound reasonable?


I like to hear from anyone who has worked with setting up communications for CERTs and anyone that has experience with using FRS/GMRS in SAR situations (especially curious about communication reliablity in wooded areas).


- Doug Adomatis

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We have a very active CERT in our area (Hillsboro, OR). It also does a lot in the way of joint training, exercises, etc, with the local ARES group. It has been my experience that folks that go through the CERT training gain more of an interest in amateur radio, and we have had several go on to get their licences. CERT was one of the things that finally pushed me over the edge to getting mine last year.


Not everyone in CERT is a ham, of course. When we have a big event like our annual CERT refresher or providing help at the annual air show, we usually have a ham running net control and listening to both FRS and 2m. Or if we have enough hams, we pair up so there is at least one ham in each team.


Try to get your local ARES involved. Invite them to your CERT training. CERT and ham radio appeal to a lot of the same people. Use who you get and keep at it. Good luck!


- waynem

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