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Military Base attribute

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It would be great to have a military base (or restricted access area) attribute and reviewer should enforce the use of it. Many caches, especially in the Middle East are placed on military bases that are not accessible for the general public. I think, the placement of caches that are not accessible to everyone is probably against the rules, but if there is an exception for the US military then it should be possible to ignore these easily.


If I was to visit, say Iraq and wanted to see what caches are not placed on bases I'd need to click on each cache and read the description. And then still, quite often this is not mentioned in the description.


Similarly, if I wanted to cache in Qatar again I could simply run a pocket query and move all the military base caches there into an ignore list and never think of them again.


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Normally I might say few would even bother with the attributes to notice, but in this situation, your life could depend on it.

And I agree that many areas, only locals and military would know whether the location is/isn't restricted.

- I'm not so sure Groundspeak would want to be the ones to advertise restricted areas though, by use of an attribute or cache-type icon.

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Very true...

While nearly all geocaches in Afghanistan are on Military bases and none in Bahrain or U.A.E. are on base; places like Iraq, Qatar, and Kuwait are pretty mixed and for the most part Military passing through cannot go off base ans those locals in the area cannot go on base.


Currently, there is an expectation that verbiage be included that states the cache is on base and there is 'limited access' to the cache.


Perhaps 'limited access' is what we are looking for? this can extend to other situations that are not military related, such as permits to hike in backwoods areas or access permits of range access near Yuma.

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Sounds like more of a reviewer issue to me.


These special placement conditions should be understood by the reviewer and explained to anyone placing a cache.


I personally think an attribute like this would be a bad idea. Do you really want military base location targets tied to specific GPS coordinates?



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The "ID required" text is in every description I've seen of downrange caches, but I know you're looking for something that can be filtered in a PQ.


I can make it easier for you; I can state with relative confidence that there are only a few geocaches NOT located on government installations in either Iraq or Afghanistan. And I'd use extreme caution logging a physical geocache that hasn't been on an installation with controlled access in either country.


Kuwait is different. It used to be that there was only one geocache that wasn't on a military installation, but that is definitely no longer the case. However, much of Kuwait itself is off limits. Looking at the map, if it isn't in/around Jahra, Kuwait City, or Ahmadi, presume it's off limits to civilians. (Though there is one on a beach near, but not inside, Kuwait Naval Base.)

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