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Blue Plaques

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We have the very popular series of Church Micro's, but is there a similar series of 'Blue Plaques'. There are thousands around the country, granted the majority appear to be in towns and cities and not everyone likes urban caches, but some are in villages! Would it not make for an interesting series? Recently did a small series containing some blue plaques in Bournemouth and found it most interesting. The series would of course have to have a generic title such as the Church Micro, something like 'Blue Plaque 1 - Inspector Aberlayne'. I only ask as they would at least have a little interest, history, and information to pass on. A main catalogue of those put out would need to be maintained as well! Just something to air as they say..... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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How about Blue Plaque Multi's. Hiding a cache near to houses with Blue Plaques could be more challenging that micro's near Churches.


So use some of the date information from the Blue Plaque to lead you to another location such as a park, where it is easier to hide a cache.

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Most of the blue plaque or even green plaque caches I have attempted have been multi caches or unknowns and have been set for their individuality.


If folk haven't got off their backsides to do one of these caches, the green plaque one alluded to will take minimum half a day then they have missed out on a good caching experience.


The setters of these caches generally make a great deal of effort in setting them up.


I would only see popularising the theme as a detriment to the individuality of what has been created thus far.

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then everyone can solve the multis from their armchair http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/discover/blue-plaques/search/


Or from the Waymarking site...

Yes, it's much more suited to Waymarking. Finding good sites for containers at blue plaque locations will be problematic in a lot of cases.

I found a lot of blue plaques last year in Scarborough as part of a mystery cache. I doubt that many would have suited a Traditional approach, and we already have two ways of logging them with the waymarks and the puzzle.

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then everyone can solve the multis from their armchair http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/discover/blue-plaques/search/


So what, its finding the cache that counts. They can experience the location, or research the history via English heritage.


I have a multi that can be done in at least three ways;

Visiting the locations.

Looking at the picture for two of my other caches.

Google street view.


What counts for me is that the log book is signed.

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Tend to agree and the cache itself would more than likely have to be offset from the plaque itself, maybe out of sight even thereby enabling the physical cache to be placed somewhere ideal not too far away from it. A clue does not have to be forthcoming from the plaque, the plaque is simply a 'Traditional' cache for the sake of interest. Can be nano, micro, or regular. Leaving the hiding place to dictate the size. We have a volunteer up above who says that that would maintain the records, so anyone wishing to start it off with Blue Plaque 1- ? B) B) B)

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