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Head set microphone and ear phone for FRS/GMRS radios

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I purchased a couple of Motorola T6400WX, FRS/GMRS, 1 watt radios to use on our ATVs for communication. They work very well and have good range, but they are cumbersome to hand hold and talk while riding. I know that several of you have solved this problem by installing head phones and microphones into your helmets and as yet I have not purchased these so far because they are a little spendy, $50 per radio.


I was thinking that with all of the different combinations of Earphones and VOX actuated Microphones that sell for around $20/ radio that are now available for Cell Phones that some one has come up with a cheaper unit that will work on the Motorola GMRS radios.


I seem to thrash my equipment at times, so I have been looking for something along the line of readily available, cheaper Cell Phone Ear/Mike equipment that will work with our radios,.....What have you found???

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