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new DeLorme GPSr coming?


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I just went looking at DeLorme's web site to see what they offer: my PN-20 is reliable and cute, but starting to feel very slow.


I see that DeLorme's web shop shows the PN-60 variants as all out of stock. Is there something new coming to replace them? I have been a bit out of touch lately, so forgive me if this is well-known. :7)




- Will

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The only model listed as out of stock on DeLorme's website is a new PN-60.

Refurbished 60 and 60W are both available at a discount, $225 and $275 respectively.

New PN60W bundled with an inReach - for $599 combined - is the only new item listed.


My GUESS be there will be a new model - or at least a significant repackaging of existing models - before summer.


I'll go further out on a limb and say they might get rid of the Zigbee protocol on the 60W and go to Bouetooth. That would let them consolidate inReach production into one model instead of two, so buyers would be able to use the same model with their GPS or their cell phone. Easier choice to make means more sales.


I am basing that on nothing but wishful thinking :D

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