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Field Day Geocaches

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Are you planning to set up a Geocache at your Field Day Site?


A man with a GPS knows where he is...A Man with two GPS's is never sure!

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I don't feel that "50 plus Amateur Radio Operators, their families," ad nauseum are worthy of an Event Cache listing on Geocaching.com...


This above quote was courtesy of Jeremy Irish...one of the administrators of an organization that call themselves Geocachers...who has not been informed of APRS.


This so called "ad nauseum" is the predecessor of what we now enjoy as recreation...

using a GPS to identify and locate individuals, equipment etc. by means of satellite technology and radio communications...


Without this technology...by the way did I mention that the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) put up the first APRS (Automated Positioning Radio System) which incorporated GPS (Ground Positioning System) for it's primary operating system?


Be that it may 50 plus families is nothing compared to the other millions of individuals from all parts of the world that are Amateur radio operators...


If indeed we are the "search engine" for "our" Geocache Society... let us not limit ourselves on how we can inform others about it...stopping ourselves short of having going commercialized by advertising sponsors...but to take advantage of the opportunity.


Survey how many Geocachers are Amateur radio operators as well...now survey how many people that have not had the opportunity to be informed about Geocache.com and it's society who are Amateur radio operators...


Now AD NAUSEUM!!!...


By the way I had fun along with several other individuals at this event. Discussion of Geocaching was foremost the topic and even encited a few other people, not only amateurs,

into Geocaching. We also used the GPS to set up various azimuths for antennae direction. It is really unfortunate that a prior posting of mine had been deleted overnight. It was a very cordial and sincere posting informing the people who dedicate their time and expertise to make Geocaching for what it is known today. If you are going to delete this message, then delete all the messages in this topic...

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