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You'll like this cache...

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Hams in the San Francisco Bay Area will definitely want to check out this one:




When I spotting the page for this one yesterday morning, I ran over to Ham Radio Outlet and picked up a Morse code training CD to leave as swag. I see that someone has already claimed it. ;-)


Are there any other caches that would be of special interest to hams, either because they used this same method for the coordinates or for some other reason?



Patty N6BIS

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Thanks! Hope to get down to Cache in CA sometime, I'd make a point of doing this one.


That reminds me of this cache, another good way of reminding people about the code.


PCII, the first litter mate






(OddTodd-K7PKT and CheleBell-XYL)

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I'll be staying in South San Francisco in November. Maybe I'll have time to run dow the peninsula.


I used to live in Sunnyvale, off Borregas and went to Sunnyvale High School. I never have checked for cache in my old stomping grounds....




My two cents worth, refunds available on request. (US funds only)


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I took the idea to task a while back: - cache


Without giving everything away, I have a twist in mine that requires them to do another audible decode in the field before getting to the cache.

Email me at dotdash@thepruetts.com if you want more details about how I do this.



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