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Any UK amateur radio operators ?

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Originally posted by M0TFT:

Hi, I see that there are a number of US hams but not any UK ones that I can see.


So is anyone else here ?


Best 73 Alan M0TFT

Morseman posts here at times. Do a search, and you might find some surprises. icon_biggrin.gif

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As you might guess from my cache name, Paul G0TLG!


Morseman is G0DJA, I think.


A pair of fairly new cachers are the team known to caching as G7PPG, both of whom are licenced (neither of them is G7PPG...but one of them used to be...)


Dah dah di di dit...di di di dah dah!


I came, I cached, I fell over in the mud

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Originally posted by Paul G0TLG:


Morseman is G0DJA, I think.



Did I hear my name mentioned? icon_biggrin.gif


Not logged on to the site for a while, but I'll add my name to the list. I think there were a few others who responded to the original "roll call" when this sub-directory was created.


Real name is Dave, callsign G0DJA (but you knew that already), located in Derbyshire.


Often to be heard on GB3EE (433.300MHz) or GB3US (433.000MHz) or 144.050/50.090MHz plus 60M (5MHz).


I'm also active from hill tops (Summits On The Air) when I'm not geodashing or geocaching.


--... ...--


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Hi folks, name here is Colin, callsign as you can see is GW1VRW. can't say that I log in here very often, but am active in the S. Wales area.

Have two caches set, one is a "Bug Hotel", Cardiff Wales Airport Bug Hotel, and the other is "Leach Castle". Hope to put a few "Micro Caches" out in the near future.

All the very best.


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