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Garmin GPS V

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Garmin doesn't even show a manual for the GPS V.


Pretty much all of the earlier Garmin units worked the same, so I'll give it a whirl based upon our old GPS 12....


If you have the coordinates into the unit, simply hit [GOTO], highlight which Waypoint you wish to go to and then [Enter].

For your unit, it may work in reverse of that order. Find the Waypoint list thru [Menu], highlight the waypoint you wish to find, then hit [GOTO].



If you DO NOT have the coordinates in the unit.....


From your current positioning screen, scroll to the N coordinate line, [Enter], scroll right to the individual digits that you need to change to match those of the geocache. Scroll up or down to alter those characters. Scroll right all the way thru, making the appropriate changes -- Do not hit [Enter], but keep scrolling right and it will jump to the E/W coordinate line.... continue as above.

When finished with those changes THEN hit [Enter].

Scroll up to the waypoint name (probably the top line) and repeat the process using the geocache ID# -- skip the GC as all geocaches have that in their ID#. Early Garmin units will accept either 5 or 7 characters ONLY in that line.

When finished naming the waypoint, [Enter].

Scroll either up or down (it doesn't matter) and highlight [save] and hit [Enter].



From this point, you may immediately repeat the process for another geocache waypoint. There is no need to move to a "clean" screen. As long as you name and [save] between entries, you may use the existing screen. Naming and Saving is the key. If you do not Name and Save, you will overwrite that which you previously entered.


Sorry, but I do not know how many entries you can make -- your unit should tell you (at the top of the list screen?).



That should get you going. Once you have a waypoint list compiled, you can simply highlight the cache you wish find and hit [GOTO].


NOTE: Your waypoint list will usually be in ALPHANUMERIC order. You MAY/MAY NOT be able to change that to DISTANCE thru the main menu.



Good Luck. I hope it helps.

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