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Open locks

dr dad
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What's a "standard two lock system"?


The locks on a typical door are arranged in parallel. If any of them is locked, then the door is locked. You have to unlock them all to unlock the door.


The locks on some shared-use gates are arranged in series. If any of them is unlocked, then the gate is unlocked. Each person/organization with access to the area has the key to their own lock, and only needs to unlock their lock to unlock the gate.

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This is a shoe box sized cache. The description says std two lock system. As this is the first of these I'be found the two three tumbler combination locks have me on a study asking request.

When I first read the original posting, I thought about the 2 key launch system of the old ICBM (and current?) where two keys or codes had to be turned/entered simultaneously but while close together, were outside of reach of one another... you needed the cooperation of another key/code holder to activate and launch.


We used to use that system on gun lockers as well, worked well in some home situations, whoever wanted into it had to convince the other key holder things were fine or... resort to brute force on the locker giving the other time to bug out.


Now that you have described the box, I'm wondering if the two decimal portions of the coords might be pressed into use as settings. I don't know if this is a puzzle or a secure traditional, so I won't go further. Might be some other numbers etc.


Doug 7rxc

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