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Education and the Charity Sector

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I'm involved with education work within the charity sector, and I would like to set up a series of caches on a circular walk, but I'm concerned that ths caches won't get published because we are a charity placing them? We are only trying to undertake a similar series of caches to what we have seen local school and parks/councils set up, but the schools and parks seem to be able to mention themselves in the caches but it appears we can't mention our charity name in the caches despite not trying to raise funds, but trying to use Geocaching to further the educational arm of our community work? It is unclear as to whether we can set something up or not? Your opinions and help as to whether no mention of the charity, its logo etc are allow at all or can we mention the charity as along as we are not trying to fundraise, promote our own website, etc.


We are purely trying to encourage people to explore the countryside and enjoy the wildlife and learn something at the same time. We want to promote people getting involved in Geocaching and enjoy the countryside.


I have messaged the help centre but not heard anything back yet.


Many Thanks.

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There is nothing preventing a charity from placing caches. The problem comes with the guideline regarding solicitation. Your caches can't solicit or appear to have an agenda. I personally don't see the mere mention of your name in the text as the placer of the cache to be an issue. I see caches all the time where the text mentions that it was placed by a Boy Scout troop, a local land conservancy, etc.


Now if you go beyond the mention of your name you can run into problems. Links to your website, or an explanation of your mission may well be perceived as an agenda by your reviewer.


And remember that is my opinion. Your local reviewer will be making the call so it's, best to run things by him or her if you want a definitive answer.

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