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APRS, What Do I Need...

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I am looking to get whatever is needed together to set up APRS both in my house and In my car. Currently I have in my car an Icom-207H, In my house I have an Azden 7000H (this is soon to be sold) and I have a Yaesu/Vertex VX 150 HT 2M. I know I am gonna need a TNC and software... but I am not sure what to get or what I actually need to have a complete setup. I am looking for some help on getting myself set up. If you could give me suggestions as to what I need, or should get, and maybe (if you currently do APRS) list what you use and how it works. Any and all information is greatly appreciated! Thanks a Lot!


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Originally posted by ESFKids:

I am looking to get whatever is needed together to set up APRS both in my house and In my car.


In the car I use a Kenwood TH-D7E (in the USA you would need a TH-D7A) and a garmin GPSIII+ which works very well. I have used a TNC, a radio without a built in TNC and a laptop plus HSP switch, but it's a lot of kit to lug around, even in a car! An alternative is a TinyTrack. Less features than the TH-D7 but cheaper.


From home, you have a world of choice, but my recommendation would be UI-View by Roger (G4IDE) as the program to use. It supports just about every TNC that you can think of, and will work with AGWPE (a program which allows a soundcard to be used instead of a seperate TNC) and is, in my opinion, one of the best APRS programs you can get.


As to TNCs, do you want to only use VHF? If so, I favour the Kantronics KPC3 series. An older secondhand unit will be fine, as long as it supports KISS mode. You can use a TNC in 'normal' mode, but there's many more features available from UI-View if you use KISS. Most TNCs that are on the market support a KISS mode.


From personal experience, I would avoid the AEA "PK" range of TNCs. I don't think they are made anymore, and they seem to have some strange habits! Some people love them though.


If you think you might want to operate as a gateway between HF and VHF, then look for something like a Kantronics KAM+. Again, secondhand units will usually be fine, as you should definately choose KISS mode and not rely upon the internal TNC settings. Again, that's just my opinion having run a HF to VHF gateway.


HTH a bit?


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Thanks Morseman, the reply is very helpfull. Gives me a good point to start lookin at stuff. I will look into that "Tiny Track" for my car. That is where my greatest interest lies is being able to have my vehicle appear on a map so that people can see where I am. I always thought that would be kinda cool.



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Originally posted by skyhook:

Morseman, had some good input on APRS equipment. Wonder what he does with it?



From the car, when I'm not chatting on the 70cm repeaters, I beacon my possition on 144.800MHz (The APRS frequency in the UK) under the callsign G0DJA-7 and, when I'm at home, it's usually beaconing on the same frequency as G0DJA.


As soon as I make the interface from the COM port to the PTT on my TR9130 (2M multimode radio) I will be able to leave the home station beaconning even when I'm out. That's OK in the UK, as long as you notify the RA (UK version of the FCC in the States) in writing, and I've already done that.


You can either run UI-View (or, if you insist, WinAPRS, DosAPRS etc.,) with a radio and look for me driving around, if you are within range of an IGATE that retransmits the APRS beacons or log onto the Internet (no radio needed) and log directly onto one of the APRS servers. You will need to get a log on code from whoever is the administrator in your area/country.


I take my gear with me when I'm Geodashing and Geocaching. It will work portable, but that sometimes loses the link to the IGATE. Dependant on where the cache/geodashpoint is, and if an IGATE is in range.


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