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Where to get help with first placement


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I tried to post this yesterday, but it didn't show up, so I'll try again...


I've found 8 Earthcaches, and would like to place one. There is an area near my home with a dramatic elevation change that I think would be interesting. Only problem is that I know next to nothing about geology! I've searched the internet for geological information about the area and all I can come up with is the age and composition of the ground. So my question is: Where can I go to learn? Who can I ask for help?


Thanks in advance,



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The Roadside Geology series of books is a great place to find information...




I have used that book extensively as well as made exhaustive web searches. You need to be creative in your search terms some times however.


I have also contacted local college geology profs who have been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction and have even proofread one of my more cherished listings.

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The Roadside Geology series is good. Local universities are a great resource, many have earth science (geoscience, geology, etc.) departments. A very underutilized resource is the state geological survey, some of which are based at universities. Looks like you may be in TX, so try this:


Another underutilized resource in EarthCaching is the local Geological Society, such as this one: http://www.wtgs.org/ (looks like TX has a number of geo societies, which makes sense :) ).

I also like to recommend just stopping by a well-equipped local library, and checking out the science section, you never know what you might find on the area's geology, such as a local "geology hiking" guide, or some hard-to-find local geo publications.

With the location you describe, it may be very hard to find specifics online. A geologic map may be a good place to start, and that could be provided by the local geo surveys.

Also, please see my recent post about copying info from other caches: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=305059&st=0&p=5191064entry5191064



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